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Results from 2018 Tetrathlon Rally

Overall: 1st: Jessica Bahny, 2nd: Kaia VanBuren

Intermediate Girls: 1st: Jessica Bahny, 2nd: Jaden DelMonte, 3rd: Sarah Yeck

Intermediate Boys: 1st: Ace Yeck

Pre Novice Girls: 1st: Kaia Van Buren, 2nd: Kiera DelMonte

10 & Under: 2nd: Mia Van Buren

Horsemaster Relay 1st: Marilyn Bacon, Krishna Van Buren, Susanna Rodell, Toni Turner

Perfect Turnout: Ace Yeck, Jaden DelMonte, Jessica Bahny, Kiera DelMonte, Kaia Van Buren, Susanna Rodell

Special Awards for going Above and Beyond: Jessica Bahny, Toni Turner


1st Jessica:  Int. Girls, 1st: AceYeck: Int. Boys, 1st: Kaia Van Buren: Pre Novice, 1st: Mia Van Buren: 10/Under

2nd Jaden DelMonte: Int. Girls, 2nd: Kiera DelMonte: Pre Novice

Participation: Sarah Yeck: Int. Girls, Susanna Rodell : HMX Relay


1st: Jessica Bahny: Int. Girls, 1st: Ace Yeck: Int. Boys, 1st: Kiera DelMonte: Pre Novice, 1st: Mia Van Buren: 10/under, 1st: Marilyn Bacon: HMX Relay

2nd: Jaden DelMonte: Int. Girls, 2nd: Kaia Van Buren: Pre Novice

3rd: Sarah Yeck: Int Girls


1st: Jaden DelMonte: Int. Girls, 1st: Ace Yeck: Int. Boys, 1st: Kaia Van Buren: Pre Novice, 1st: Krishna Van Buren : HMX 

2nd: Jessica Bahny: Int. Girls, 2nd: Mia Van Buren: 10/Under

3rd: Sarah Yeck: Int Girls, 3rd: Kiera DelMonte: Pre Novice


1st: Jessica Bahny: Int Girls, 1st: Ace Yeck: Int Boys, 1st: Kaia Van Buren: Pre Novice, 1st: Toni Turner: HMX  Relay 

2nd: Sarah Yeck: Int. Girls, 2nd: Mia Van Buren: 10/Under

3rd: Jaden DelMonte: Int. Girls, 3rd: Kiera DelMonte: Pre Novice


1st: Jaden DelMonte, Jessica Bahny, Kiera DelMonte

3rd: Marilyn Bacon, Krishna Van Buren, Susanna Rodell, Toni Turner

4th: Sarah Yeck, Ace Yeck, Kaia Van Buren, Mia Van Buren


Welcome to Our Newest Members!

Emmeli Bruno:

I was never a Pony Clubber growing up, as I’m born and raised in Sweden. I started my love for horses young, and have been riding since I was 5. I competed in both dressage and jumping and rode anything I could, from Arabians to draft horses and all in between.
At 22 I moved to London and the year after to Hawaii. I worked with a 3 year old Dutch Warmblood/Arabian cross in Hawaii for 4 years and fell in love with the process. (I also took my Communication degree and met my husband while there).
After Hawaii we moved to Connecticut where I was a trainer of a 21 horse barn. Rode 7 to 9 horses a day for about a year and then unfortunately broke my wrist, moved barn and taught riding lessons instead.
My husbands work took us to LA where I helped German dressage trainer Michael Lieberg warm off and cool down his dressage horses at his facility at Middle Ranch. It was fun sitting on his big Grand Prix horse!
I got pregnant and we moved from Hollywood to Palos Verdes. I had been riding a horse for a woman at the LA Equestrian Center and she got upset that I moved so she moved her horse to PBRC so I could keep on riding him.
Once at PBRC I rode several horses over the few years that the kids (I have two boys, Demian and Odin, now 9 and 11) were small and then in 2014 I got Remarkable “Marco” a big and explosive Royal Dutch Warmblood. He could jump the moon but was a hard to ride, so I became a horse master at the Pony Club as you guys did not have a fence around the ring back then, and he calmed down there. We suspected a collision in the warm up ring caused his anxiety and unfortunately a pinched nerve that ended him in pasture way too early.
We had 3 very successful years in the show ring before he got neurological. Blue ribbons are nice but to me the far bigger accomplishment was my connection with him and how patience and kindness turned this fire breeding dragon to a horse I rode bareback on the trail and who recognized me across the parking lot. He is now on a breeding farm in Moorpark and has a happy relaxing retirement.
I lost my spark when Marco got sick (and got busy with two kids in competitive sports) and have not been riding the last year and a half. But I’m looking forward to being around the horses again and I’m here to help with anything I can!  For now I’ll be working with Bourbon to get him out and about, and help Claudia with Mi’jo when she needs!
I can’t wait to get to know you all!

Claudia Duncan:

Claudia is a serious eventer who recently moved to San Pedro from Maryland with her OTTB, M'Hijo. She has already started competing in Area VI, and has offered her expertise to help the riders of PBPC.