Portuguese Bend

New Members

Welcome to Portuguese Bend Pony Club!

We're so happy you've decided to become part of our little community.

Pony Club can be confusing at first, so we're hoping this page can help you navigate your first weeks and months with us.

Your first step to becoming a member of PBPC is filling out the USPC Membership Application. If you join between September 1 and the end of the year, you can pay a prorated fee that will cover your membership through the end of the following year. You will need to make out three checks: one to United States Pony Clubs for your national fee ($200 prorated for fall and all of the next year, or $155 for the yearly fee); one to the Camino Real Region for $65 and one to PBPC (that's us!) for $80.

If you are a parent or a Horsemaster, you may want to consider becoming a sponsor of the club. That will give you a voice at our meetings and the right to vote in club elections. The sponsor fee is $10 (once again, a separate check) and you'll need to fill out a Sponsorship form.

We strongly recommend that you buy the USPC D Manual. The link to the item in the Pony Club bookstore is below. It will answer a lot of your questions and explain most of Pony Club's basic rules and philosophy.

All members also need a medical armband, which they are required to wear for all official Pony Club mounted activities. They can be bought from the USPC bookstore; the link is below. Some members prefer to use an armband designed for a cellphone. You can find the form to insert in the armband here. A medical bracelet is also acceptable and must contain the following six items: Name, date of birth, contact information, known allergies, current medications, and existing medical conditions.

Even if you're an experienced horse person, some of Pony Club's approaches may not be familiar or may seem nit-picky. That's because we put a huge emphasis on safety and trying to build the right habits in our members. Please bear with us!

As our members progress in their riding and horse knowledge, they take up the challenge of our certifications. With these, they are tested on their riding, their knowledge of horses, and their ability to handle horses and meet their needs. The entry-level certification is the D1. Before a member attempts a certification, we make sure they are prepared by going over a checklist that details all the elements of the certification.

The links below will help you access the forms you need and find out more. And of course we are all willing to answer any of your questions!

USPC 2019 Membership Application

PBPC Barn Safety Rules

USPC D Manual

Medical Armband

Medical Armband Insert

PBPC Sponsorship Form


For club apparel (polo shirts, jackets etc.), call Manhattan Stitching at (714) 521-9479.

D1 Checklist

D1 Test Sheet